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About Us

We are pleased to introduce Snow Flower Luxury Skin Care, an importer for Arise Care from beautiful Switzerland.  We are very excited to offer two high quality organic skin care lines for adult and baby. Welcome to our web store.

We discovered Arise Swiss Apine Cosmetic while searching for new, natural and organic skin care that offered restorative and protective anti-aging properties to the skin. While testing Arise products over time, we were impressed with the revitalizing, hydrating and calming properties of the products. We especially loved the way our skin looked and felt- soothed, balanced and healthy. Also, after trying the EdelWhite Complex line from Arise, we were delighted to see a significant reduction in sun spots and hyperpigmentation. This made us love the line even more!

In essence, extracts from the Edelweiss flower is in each product from Arise. The Edelweiss is also known by other names, one of which is Snow Flower. It is a perennial plant found at the peak of high mountains such as the Jura, the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Himalaya. Edelweiss is a very resilient flower that grows at extreme heights and endures severe climatic conditions. It has high anti-oxidant levels which prevent cell and tisssue damage and helps the skin to recover suppleness. In addition, Edelweiss benefits include soothing properties and protects the capillaries. Our products from Arise Swiss Alpine Cosmetic are ECOCERT certified and quality labeled by COSMEBIO and there is no testing on animals.

We invite you to try the wonderful benefits of our pristine, Swiss-made products. Thank you for visiting us.