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98.70% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.

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EDELWHITE Complex-Whitening Day Fluid

The EDELWHITE Complex Day Fluid formulated with age-defying active ingredients, such as Edelweiss, SulforaWhite and ZinClear help prevent UV-induced premature aging and pigmentation marks. Phytonutrient SulforaWhite originates from Swiss garden cress sprouts and yields powerful whitening effects. Arise Fluide de Jour/ Whitening Day Fluid softly hydrates the skin and helps reduce brown spots so that complexion becomes more clear, translucent and even. Apply our Day Fluid in light circles over clean face, neck and décolleté. Quality labeled by Cosmebio.


1.0 Fl. Oz., 30 ml bottle
Price: $49.50