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96.5% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.

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EDELWHITE Complex-Whitening Serum

The EDELWHITE Complex Whitening Sérum creates a more illuminating and clearer complexion. Spread a few drops of EDELWHITE Sérum onto previously cleansed skin in light tapping movements, paying particular attention to dark spots. Then, apply EDELWHITE Day Fluid or Night Cream. The Sérum, made up of powerful active ingredients including vitamin C and SulforaWhite will have a toning, protective and whitening effect. For spectacular results, we recommend an 8-week treatment course morning and evening. Exfoliate beforehand with Swiss Alpine Face Scrub when needed. The skin appears rejuvenated and the texture refined. Dark spots fade away and the complexion becomes brighter and more even. Quality labeled by Cosmebio.


0.5 Fl. Oz., 15 ml bottle
Price: $59.00